Research Institute of Agricultural Economics

Research Institute of Agricultural Economics

About the institute

Established in 1954, AKI is the most signifi­cant centre of agricultural economics research in Hungary.

The most important core functions of the Institute are data collection related to the agricultural economy and data-based policy research.

The Department of Information Systems manages European Union compli­ant information systems including the Farm Accountancy Data Network, Market Price Information System and Agricultural Statis­tics Information System.

Its Departments of Research carry out mainly database- and policy analysis-driven research.

AKI’s key research areas are:

  • sustainable bio-economy and policy evalu­ation;
  • natural resource management in agriculture;
  • resource-efficient agri-food value chains;
  • rural development and programme evalua­tion;
  • development opportunities in freshwater aquaculture.

Beyond its above detailed research and data management duties the Institute also develops innovative decision-making tools for agricul­tural stakeholders.

AKI is composed of three professional departments.


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