The NARIC - Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (ABC) represents the largest and most important group of scientists in the plant and animal biotechnology field in Hungary.

Agrár-környezettudományi Kutatóintézet

The predecessor of our institute is one of the earliest institutions of Hungarian agricultural research: the National Phylloxera Research Station founded in 1880 (later Royal Hungarian State Entomological Station) and the Royal Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Botany and Ampelology established in 1917.

Élelmiszer-tudományi Kutatóintézet

NARIC FSRI constitutes a bridge between food manufacturers and the consumers by the implementation of well-tailored and extensive basic and applied researches on biology, chemistry, physics and technology.

Erdészeti Tudományos Intézet

Today, the NARIC Forest Research Institute (ERTI) is the heart of the institutionalized and independent forest research in Hungary existing from 1898.

Gyümölcstermesztési Kutatóintézet (GYKI)

The NARIC Fruitculture Research Institute founded on 1st January 2014 is the legal successor of Research Stations located in Budapest, Érd, Cegléd and Fertőd of the Horticultural Research Institute’s Fruit Growing Department founded in 1950.

Mezőgazdasági Gépesítési Intézet

Our strategic aim is the realization of sustainable, marketing conscious rural development through enlarging environmental resources.

Öntözési és Vízgazdálkodási Önálló Kutatási Osztály

The Research Department of Irrigation and Water Management (NARIC ÖVKI) was founded through the separation of research activities of the former Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI).

According to its deed of foundation, the scope of activities of the Institute included basic and applied research and development activity related to the genetics, breeding, reproduction, meat science, nutrition, feed utilization, physiology of nutrition, management and feeding technology of the so-called large farm animals (cattle, swine, sheep, horse). 

Halászati Kutatóintézet

The Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture (Hungarian acronym is HAKI) is a governmental organisation that has been established in 1953 at Szarvas.

Szőlészeti és Borászati Kutatóintézet

Our Institute, one of the first founded and still present viticultural and enological research station is the successor of the Central Viticultural Experimental Station and Amelological Institute, was founded in 1896.

The Vegetable Crop Research Department of National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center was established on 1st January 2014 with three research stations.


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